BottleCrop - Lettuce and herbs grown in a bottle




BottleCrop is a hydroponic cultivation system for cultivating lettuce and herbs on your window sill. All you need for a successful cultivation comes within the growing kit. Choose between different types of lettuce and basil. The system is re-useable over and over again. Consumable supplies for three cultivations are already included.


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BottleCrop - Grüner Blattsalat BottleCrop - Kleinblättriges Basilikum BottleCrop - Mini Pak Choi
BottleCrop - Japanischer Senfspinat BottleCrop - Großblättriges Basilikum BottleCrop - Eichblattsalat
BottleCrop - Roter Battsalat BottleCrop - Nachfüllsets