Growfiber Clearance

Growfiber Clearance




Growfiber is an optimally designed substrate for vegetable and ornamental crops grown in a closed nutrient solution system. The very fine fabric structure of Growfiber provides a pore volume of more than 97 percent and provides an optimized environment for plant roots. Rapid and healthy growth, plus reliable flower and fruit set, is guaranteed.

The pH value (5.9) of the substrate lies in the neutral range for plant growing and remains stable during the entire period of use. Additionally, Growfiber is salt-free (EC value of 0.03mS/cm). This allows all Growfiber products to be used immediately without rinsing with water or nutrient solution. Because of its high drain capacity, Growfiber counteracts salinization. The rewetting after partial or complete dehydration can be easily accomplished.

Due to the high air/water ratio and the inert property of Growfiber, the conditions in the root zone are substantially enhanced. For example, comparing Growfiber to other substrates, the root mass of cucumbers cultivated in Growfiber substrates is significantly lower. Reduced growth combined with a higher yield indicates better water and nutrient uptake.

Growfiber products will not be manufactured anymore. Here you can buy while stocks last.