Combo Tomato Clip + Truss Support (compostable)

Combo Tomato Clip + Truss Support (compostable)

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Tomato Clip (compostable)

The open clip (22 mm) ensures best plant stem guidance in the production of tomatoes. By using tomato clips, it is no longer necessary to keep turning the plant stems along the twine with the possibility of damage to the plant.  Tomato clips support the stems when carrying heavy fruit load or during strong winds, especially when growing tomatoes outdoors.

  • Compostable within 12 weeks.

Truss Support (compostable)

Flexible support for truss stems of tomatoes. It's best to get them on early, but they can still be attached at a late stage of growth. Supports can be bent during attachment, so the stem does not have to be forced through the support.

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