Etisso Vital Fertiliser Sticks Combipack

Etisso Vital Fertiliser Sticks Combipack

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Fertiliser sticks for the nutrient supply of ornamental plants (green and flowering indoor and balcony plants).

  • contains 10 fertiliser sticks for foliage plants (NPK 8-5-12) and 10 fertiliser sticks for flowering plants (NPK 5-8-16)


Push fertiliser sticks into the soil between the plants and the edge of the pot, until completely covered. Fertiliser sticks are effective for six weeks, after which time, they should be replaced.


up to 8 cm 1 Stick

up to 12 cm 2 Sticks

up to 16 cm 3 Sticks

up to 18 cm 4 Sticks

Balcony flower boxes

2 to 3 sticks per plant depending on the size

Use fertiliser carefully. Read label and product information before use. Pay attention to warning signs and symbols in the instructions.

Please note - this product is designed for the German market. All the instructions/notes are in German language.

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