Yellow Panels

Yellow Panels

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Flying insects like fungus gnats, whiteflies, cherry fruit fly, winged aphids, carrot flies, leafminers, asparagus fly, wood drills, rape beetles, radish fly are attracted and caugth by the sticky side of the Yellow Panels.

  • toxic and odor free
  • does not drip
  • long sticky
  • year-round use


1. Stack like a deck of cards sideways. The top and bottom panel are free of glue.

2. Perforated edge is free of glue. Grasp the bottom panel there and pull it quickly back away.

3. Put the panel through the holes on small sticks or hang it close to plants by using the included wires.

Only change if the boards are heavily infested.

Package Contents:

10 x Yellow Panels (8 x adhesive on both sides, 2 x single-sided adhesive)
10 x wires
(instructions in English if desired)


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