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BottleCrop is lettuce cultivated in a bottle

It is the smallest hydroponic Urban-Farming-System in the world. BottleCrop was developed to cultivate lettuce on a windowsill. The handling is as easy as pie and you can reuse BottleCrop again and again. Once set up, no additional watering or care is required until harvest! BottleCrop works without soil. So neither dirt nor snail can pollute the lettuce. The protective box can be opened at any time to marvel at roots growth. BottleCrop protects the environment in a modern way. So for instance it saves up to 97 percent of water compared to a field-grown lettuce. More information are available on

The creamy-green head of our GREEN LEAF LETTUCE falls apart in many equal leafs with just one cut. It forms a nice, regular leaf rosette even in warm temperatures. In addition its strong resistance to downy mildew. The lettuce can be served pure, with lemon, sugar, salt and oil or together with other lettuces an vegetables.

BottleCrop should only be cultivated from the end of February until the end of August. It is not enough sunlight in Germany during autumn/winter time for a successful growth.

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