Growfiber Orchid 2.5 liter

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Growfiber Orchid 2.5 liter

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1 l = 1.80 €

1 l = 1.80 €

Growfiber substrate for orchids provides the perfect root environment for all epiphytic growing orchids, like Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium or many members of the genus Oncidium.

Epiphytes are very well adapted on a life, which doesn’t necessarily needs contact to soil. This leads to a very discontinuous supply of water and nutrients. Therefore, a lot of orchids evolved e.g. velamen (a spongy, multiple epidermis) or pseudobulbs to survive in such environments. The fluffy and light structure of Growfiber substrate for orchids provides many open surfaces to evaporate water along the roots. At the same time, Growfiber is able to store a lot of water and nutrients without the risk of water logging. A perfect combination to keep orchid roots healthy and vigorous.

  • loose, airry structure against water logging and root rot
  • more ligt in the photosynthetically active root zone
  • makes optimum humidity conditions
  • persistent, no compaction
  • elastic structure doesn't constrict roots
  • salt-free and pH optimised (100 % PET)
  • easy and clean handling
  • delivered in resealable ziplock bags

One bag contains 2.5 liters of substrate.




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